Hearing Aids

 Hearing Aids

With a number of options available to you, we are confident that we have an amplification device that will suit your lifestyle, needs and budget. We offer hearing aids that are waterproof, discreet, comfortable and everything in between.

Your Audiologist will guide you through the process of deciding which device will best suit your needs.  Schedule your appointment today by calling the Center at 863-686-3189.

We carefully consider a patient’s hearing loss and individual needs to determine which hearing aids are the best choice.  A consultation for hearing aids may occur immediately following a hearing evaluation or may be done separately for patients who have current test results (within six months) obtained at this Center or at another location.

All of our hearing aids are digital and come in many levels of technology.  We offer five tiers of hearing aid technologies: economy, standard, intermediate, advanced, and premium.  At a basic level, hearing aids can amplify sounds and offer manual controls.  As technology advances, hearing aids become more automatic, from detecting background noise to focus in toward your conversation partner to giving you access to better hearing of the telephone without having to push any buttons.

Hearing aids can provide improved hearing of music, make listening in background noise more comfortable, and are even able to provide wireless access to certain devices (see “Hearing Aid Accessories” below).  Our audiologists carefully consider all options to help you select the technology level most appropriate for you.

Hearing aids are available in many styles, from aids that fit in the ear canal to aids that fit behind the ear.  All styles are available at all levels of technology.  Our patients may find cosmetically appealing aids in all styles.

Our hearing aid fittings are tailored to the hearing test results and the needs of the patient.  Sound measurements by an in-ear microphone are made to ensure that the programming of the hearing aids is matched specifically to the unique characteristics of each person’s hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Accessories
Improvements in technology have made many hearing aid accessories available to improve your hearing experience.

Many newer hearing aids may work in coordination with wireless devices providing better access to cell phones, standard telephones, mp3/music players, the television, and even to a microphone worn by a conversation partner.  Remote controls are also available for many hearing aids.  Ask us how we can improve your hearing aid experience with one of these accessories!

We also offer a range of low-tech hearing aid accessories, such as batteries, cleaning tools, and drying aids, to aid in the care and use of your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Repair Center
We are able to do many in-office repairs and have state licensed audiology assistants available during a daily walk-in clinic to assist hearing aid users.  Appointments may also be scheduled with any of our audiologists.  If repairs cannot be done in-house, we work with many manufacturers and all-make laboratories to meet your repair needs.  Charges may be associated with your hearing aid repair and vary based on the service required.