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To learn more about hearing, hearing testing, and the benefits of hearing aids, we recommend visiting some of the sites listed below.  You will find the information valuable in understanding hearing loss and what you can do to improve the quality of your life.

General Resources for Hearing Loss

Resources for Parents of Children with Hearing Loss

Hearing Aids – Consumer Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to be fit with new hearing aids?

    Following your hearing evaluation, we will discuss with you the different hearing aid options to decide which aids are best for you. You will be fit with your new hearing aids 2 to 3 weeks following this appointment.

  • My son listens to his music very loudly – I can hear it even though he is wearing headphones! Is this safe?

    Some studies have indicated that exposure to loud music through headphones may cause permanent damage to the sensitive structures in the ear. Often earbud-style earphones are poorly fitting and cause the music to leak out and outside noises to leak in, so the listener increases the volume. We recommend and offer customized earpieces and earphones that fit perfectly into the ear, reducing this leakage.

  • I tried my friend’s hearing aid and it did not help me. Will anything help me to hear better?

    One persons’ hearing can differ significantly from another’s. It is likely that your friend’s hearing aid was not set appropriately for your hearing loss. I would recommend a hearing test so that we can evaluate your hearing loss and determine which hearing aids would be most appropriate for you.