Join the “Dream Makers Society”

Dream Makers are special friends of the Center who support Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center and our programs by making a commitment to contribute a minimum of $1,000 every year for five years. You can make a difference in someone’s life by joining the Dream Makers Society today!

Click Here to Make Your Dream Makers Commitment Today!

If you are currently a Dream Maker and want to renew your existing level of giving, please contact Channon Eickenberg at or call (863)686-3189.

Thank you to our Current Dream Makers!

Bruce & Kathy Abels
David & Shi Adams
Cecelia Andrew
Barney & Carol Barnett
Wesley & Ashley Barnett
Steve Bissonnette
Michael & Jane Blankenship
Roxann Bonta
Don & Linda Bosko
Lyle Bowlin
Debbie Burdett
Ed & Denise Crenshaw
Jennipher Daniels
Kyle & Sherry Davis
Ron & Debbie Denney
Jared & Franchelle Diveley
Scott & Jennifer Doty
Bob & Darlene Eanett
Channon Eickenberg
Danita Farnsworth
Michael & Christine Ehlenbeck
First Aviation Sertoma Club
Dan & Gwen Fowler
David & Diane Giordano
James H. Ham, III
Harper Family Foundation
Harrell Family Charities
Barbara O. Hart
Kristen Hathcock
Kamron & Jack Hernandez
Lynn Hollis
IPA Foundation
Iron Horse Family Foundation
Tanya Isaman
Eric & Christina Jackson
Gina Jacobi
Mike Kelley
Jon & Beverly Larson
Ron & Earlene Lash
Lyonal B. Lindsey, Jr.
Ed & Gloria Lunz
Shawn & Dee McDonough
Blake & Michelle McQueen
Miller Family
Sharon Miller
Larry & Andra Morgan
Steve & Ann Moore
Bill & Pam Mutz
Oz & Jean Mutz
Office Furniture Depot
Cliff & Kathy Otto
Trista Otto
Derek & Tiffany Oxford
Mark & Jeanna Parker
Guy & Coleen Pizzuti
L. Gay Ratcliff-Seamens
Tom & Dotty Reuschling
James Ring
Brad Rolland
Kathy Rubo
Jim & Diana Russell
Greg & Kim Ruthven
Joe L. & Karen Ruthven
Joe P. & Judy Ruthven
The Ruthvens
The Lunz Group
Dr. Paul & Kay Saari
Sanoba Law Firm
Bill & Caroline Schichtel
Richard & Carrie Schuler
Dr. Gregory Scott
Steve & Ardith Shealey
Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits
Larry & Diane Stahl
Wendy's George Banning
Dick & Eileen Wills
Dr. Shirin Yasrebi
Barry & Mary Anne Zimmerman

There are different ways to fulfill your commitment as a Dream Maker!

Monthly Commitment

Quarterly Commitment

Yearly Commitment

One-Time Full Commitment

Donor commits to giving $84 per month for 5 years Donor commits to giving $250 per quarter for 5 years Donor commits to giving $1,000 per year for 5 years Donor commits to giving $5,000 once over 5 years