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CFSHC Grant News!

Central Florida Speech & Hearing Center is thrilled to announce two grant receipts to support our “Kid Blitz” program!

The Center received funds from Harrell Family Charities and the George W. Jenkins Fund within the GiveWell Community Foundation to support the program. “Kid Blitz” is an innovative program designed to provide children with timely hearing health screenings and provide referring physicians with the information they need for medical treatment and monitoring; delayed evaluations lead to delayed treatment. These delays or non-detection of an ear/hearing problem can be catastrophic. At best, they can cause poor reading skills, poor school readiness and reduced success; at its worst meningitis. We receive, on average, 20 referrals a week for these vital services. With funding restrictions, we are limited on the number of screenings (blitzes) we can do each month, so there is a lengthy waiting list. However, these grants will help us tremendously as we can schedule additional “blitz” days to see children earlier and faster.

We are so grateful to both foundations for their ongoing support of the Center. Thank you for helping our children receive the care they need!