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An Interview with CFSHC’s Resident “Book Lady”!

Did you know that Central Florida Speech & Hearing Center’s Senior Speech-Language Pathologist, Amy Tyner, is also an Independent Consultant with Usborne Books & More?  In honor of Read Across America Day on March 2, we caught up with Amy to find out a little more about how being the Center’s resident “book lady” fits with her 26 years of experience as a speech-language pathologist.

How did you first get connected with Usborne Books & More?

I had used books from Usborne Books & More for many years in my speech-language therapy sessions and always loved them for their great illustrations and fun stories.  Then in 2016, I found out that a friend of mine was a consultant and I asked her about running a book fair for the Center so that we could use the rewards to re-stock our therapy materials.  While helping out at the book fair, I enjoyed helping the customers find just the right book for the kids in their lives.  My friend’s husband commented that I really should sell the books myself because I was good at it.  Not wanting to take on something else, it took me over a year to decide to take the plunge and become a consultant myself but I am so glad that I did!

What is your favorite part of being a “book lady”?

I have always been a book lover and so it really is so fun to see the new titles as they are released and to help children get connected with high quality books that are a perfect fit for their reading level and interests.  I especially enjoy the challenge of finding a book that works for kids who “hate reading.”  I also really love that Usborne Books & More has a grant matching program that has allowed me to help many agencies, including CFSHC, to get lots of great books to use in their programs. 

How does being a “book lady” fit with being a speech-language pathologist?

Actually it fits perfectly.  As an SLP, I know the value of reading in developing speech and language skills and have always used books in my therapy sessions and encouraged the families I work with to read at home.  I am passionate about children having good quality books in their lives and that’s a part of being both a book lady and an SLP.  Here at the Center, I manage our Book Distribution Program which allows us, through the help of grants and donations, to provide books to children who receive speech-language and audiology services at our Center.  We are able to use Usborne Books & More’s grant matching program to help make our grant funds go even further.

Is there anything the community can do to celebrate Read Across America Day?

Well the most important thing they can do is grab a book and a child and sit down to read together.    Children of all ages benefit greatly from reading with an adult so make it a habit in your home.  Also, I have set up a special shopping link so if you want to shop for great books for the children in your life and give CFSHC the reward credit, you can do that here: .  Also, if you have an organization that you work with that could use books; I’d love to work with you to run a book drive.  You can contact me anytime about books (or speech-language pathology) at