Central Florida Speech & Hearing Center offers a variety of special Audiology programs to fit your needs! Below is information on ear protection, cochlear implant programming, and ASL services. These are just some of the special Audiology services that are offered.

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Custom Ear Protection
The Center offers fast, expert and reasonably priced custom ear plug molding services. No two ears are the same, so why continue to put “one size fits all” ear plugs in them. These plugs are custom molded to your ear and provide all day comfort, and you receive the maximum protection. These custom plugs, made of hydrophobic floating silicone, also make excellent swimming ear plugs.

Call the Center at 863-686-3189 to make an appointment for your Custom Mold Ear Plug fitting.
Cochlear Implant Programming
Central Florida Speech & Hearing Center currently offers the only Cochlear Implant evaluations and programming from Doctoral level professionals of Audiology, in Lakeland.

Currently, programming services are only available for Cochlear Corporation devices, but will be expanding to Advanced Bionics and MedEl devices in the near future.

If you are interested in more information about these services, please contact 863-686-3189.
Bragi's Dash Pro
The Center offers custom fittings for Bragi's Dash Pro, a fitness, listening device.... it's not a hearing aid! Think of it as a fitness tracker in your ears.... that also plays music!
Tailored-fit for your ear canal, bluetooth connected for hands-free communication, 4GB of storage for device-free listening, comfort all day and more! Records your heartrate, calories burned, duration, distance and number of steps during physical activity!
Click the photo to watch a video about Bragi's Dash Pro! For more information, call 863-686-3189.