A Message from Sheriff Grady Judd!

grady-and-tristin-finalAs a father I can’t imagine waking up on Christmas morning seeing my child in so much pain that he couldn’t get out of bed to open his presents. That is what happened to my friend, 7 year old Tristin. His pain was caused by a malignant brain tumor. Radiation and chemotherapy left him with a severe hearing loss. Thankfully, his parents found help at Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center, where he was fit with the right hearing aids. Tristin is not only able to hear again, but is succeeding in school and making memories with his family.

Life can change in a flash like when a frail senior citizen suffers from a stroke and is left unable to speak, or a baby is robbed of the ability to speak or hear because of drug abuse during pregnancy. The Center provides the tools and care to ensure that every patient is able to communicate their wants and needs.

Communication is the key to success. I have said many times “if you see something, say something.” The great folks at the Center help people who struggle to speak and hear and they need our help. Will you join me? It is easy to help! Here are two ways to give your tax deductible contribution:

  • Return the enclosed envelope with a check payable to CFSHC

    Visit www.cfshc.org/give to donate online

On their behalf, I thank you for helping provide the gift of communication to our citizens throughout Central Florida.


Sheriff Grady Judd


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