Success Story

“I don’t understand things at school…my grades are low…and I really try so hard…I can’t seem to make friends.  This makes me sad…” 

This is a quote from a very pretty 14 year old young lady named Michelle Cassidy.  Even though Michelle was very bright and capable she struggled so hard to process the smallest requests from her parents, teachers and friends.  Michelle’s parents took her to several doctors and other specialists, but they couldn’t find the solution.  Finally they were referred to Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center where Dr. Sarah Curtis, Clinical Audiologist diagnosed her with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).  The solution for Michelle was simple – an FM system which puts the sounds directly in her ear so she can hear the person speaking over any distracting background noise.  She also comes to the Center for weekly sessions with Speech Pathologist, Tina Bell.

Tina reports that “Michelle doesn’t become discouraged when tasks are too difficult for her.  Instead she meets these challenges head on by implementing strategies that she has learned”.  Michelle now says that school is so much better this year, she’s making much better grades and she’s not afraid to talk to her friends.  With help from our staff at Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center, Michelle has found a new confidence and is able to focus on the tasks in her day-to-day routine.